Helmets To Hardhats

Military experience gives you a jump-start!

You’ve already honed your technical skills. Why start your career from scratch when you leave the military? Use those skills to advance your career right now through the Electrical Training Institute of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

The Electrical Training Institute programs are approved for V.A. benefits, and with military background you can automatically by-pass some of our entrance requirements.

Even without related training, you are still an ideal candidate for our apprenticeship programs. Students with military experience have the drive, commitment and work ethic to excel in our programs, so you are encouraged to apply regardless of your military background.

Application Requirements For Helmets To Hardhat Applicants

For Inside Wireman and Telecommunications programs

An honorably discharged military veteran may qualify for direct interview (must apply within five (5) years from the discharge date) if opportunities are available. Applicants who have served overseas and /or lived on base for a minimum of two (2) years prior to application will have any existing restriction waived.

At time of application, please submit your DD-214 along with an officially-sealed high school transcript and all other required documents as stated in the regular application process page of this website.

Please visit our career opportunities pages to learn more about the different program we offer and go to Helmets To Hardhats to register.