Pre-Apprenticeship program

The Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to help applicants gain experience in the electrical construction industry and help prepare them to be the best applicant they can be. The duration of the program is approximately 8 weeks. Participants will meet at the Electrical Training Institute in San Diego each day and work through a nationally distributed curriculum created to provide an introduction to the electrical construction trade. Participants who complete the pre-apprenticeship program will benefit from a discount voucher for work boots, a Klein tool kit, a small monetary stipend as a reward for dedicating their time, and they will be dispatched to work for one of our signatory contractors (suggested as a classification of either: MH3, Tech5 or CW1).

The basic entry requirements are the same as any of our apprenticeship programs. In fact, if a participant has already applied for one of our programs their accompanying documents can be copied over. Participants need:                  

  1. A completed Pre-Apprentice application (Form 001)
  2. Social Security Card (proof of citizenship or residency status)
  3. Driver’s License (proof of ability to get to work)
  4. Graduated High School or completed GED 
  5. Official high school transcripts and GED (if applicable)
  6. A DD-214 Member 4 Form or NGB-22 Form (if you are a veteran)


The 3rd Pre-Apprenticeship class is tentatively scheduled to take place in the summer of 2021.

Tentative schedule for the program:

~ On-campus Classroom portion: (8-hour days from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm)      


~ Dispatch to the contractor’s as either a MH2, Tech5 or CW1:     


(participants will work for 2-40-hour weeks reported as part of this program,

then continue working after that, pending contractor need)

~ Final meeting and program recap: